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        brass quintet, THE SOUTHERN QUINTET, (5' 05")

            Composed for the Capital University Faculty Brass Quintet.     

        carillon, IONOSPHERES, (6' 50")

            Commissioned for the Iowa State University Stanton Memorial Carillon.


        cello (unaccompanied), CELL05, (7' 20")


        flute (unaccompanied), VARIATIONS ON A THEME OF ERIC SATIE, (6' 45")

            Composed for Lisa Van Divender.


        harp (unaccompanied), IONOSPHERES, (6' 30")

            Based on the carillon composition of the same name.

        octet (soprano, woodwind quintet, piano, cello), CAVATINA, (5' 45")

            Text adapted from the aria Casta Diva from Bellini's opera Norma.


        organ, ONE STAR DARKENED, (3' 21")

            In memory of Sutton Landry.

            Dark Star by the Grateful Dead was used as a point of departure.

        organ, trumpet, horn, trombone; INCANTATION ON THE SEVENTH TONE, (5' 35")

        quartet (tenor, flute, violin, piano), SPARROWS IN THE WINTERTIME,  (5' 29")

            Text by Piet Hein.


        quartet (Bb clarinet, piano, violin, and cello), VARIATIONS: Non-Inconsequenza V

        trombone (unaccompanied), NON-INCONSEQUENZA (6' 30")

        trombone, piano, and tape, NON-INCONSEQUENZA II (15' 00")


        trombone choir (16 parts), ON THE BEACH, DREAMING; (6' 10")

            Composed for the Eastman Trombone Choir.


        trombone choir (8 parts), STREET SONG, (3' 41")

            Arranged for Bonefire in Richmond, VA.


        viola and piano, FOUR IMAGES: Variations on Four French Fragments(11' 00")

            4 movements: March, Poem, Dance, Creation

        violin and cello, THE NEW TANGO BLUES, (4' 06")

            Composed for the La Boheme Strings.


        woodwind quintet, VANTRESE VARIATIONS: The Ash Grove

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