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        CREATURES OF FIRE, lyrics by Lisa Kaplan, (3' 52").

            (SATB, piano)

            Composed for the A Major Chorus at the Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, OH.

        FIRST FRIENDS, lyrics by 7th and 8th grade students at the Nativity School, in Cincinnati, OH.

            (SATB, piano, optional percussion)

            Commissioned by E-CASE with a grant from Meet the Composer's Education Program.

        JENNIE JENKINS, traditional lyrics, (3' 08").

            (SS, recorder, Orff ensemble)

            Arranged for the Fairfax All-County Chorus in Fairfax, VA.

        SONG OF PRAISE, lyrics from Isaiah 12:2-6, ().

            (SATB, organ)

            Commissioned by Centenary United Methodist Church, Richmond, VA.

        WE ARE PARKLAWN, lyrics by Tim Kloth, (1' 40").

            (voices and piano)

        WITH CONVICTION, lyrics by Edmund Vance Cooke, (2' 09").

            (SATB, piano)

        WITH CONVICTIONlyrics by Edmund Vance Cooke, (2' 09").

            (TTBB, piano)

            This version is published by Kandinsky Music. Contact them at


        WORLDES BLISS NE LASTE, lyrics anonymous 13th century, (3' 45").

            (SSAATTBB, piano and 2 percussionists)

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UNDERLINED TITLES are links to videos of the composition.

JENNIE JENKINS, accompaniment
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