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        brass choir; WINGS EXTENDED (2' 19")

            composed in honor of the Eastman School of Music's 100th Anniversary

        mixed ensemble; HARPER'S INQUIRY (27' 00")


        trombone choir (16 parts); ON THE BEACH, DREAMING (6' 04")

            composed for the Eastman Trombone Choir


        trombone choir (8 parts); STREET SONG

            arranged for Bonefire, trombone ensemble from Richmond, VA

        wind ensemble; THE RADIANT TOWER (11' 36")

            composed for the Capital University Wind Ensemble

        wind ensemble and voice; SHENANDOAH (4' 15")

            composed for the Virginia Commonwealth University Band

        wind ensemble; SINE NOMINE (3' 21")

            composed for John Fecker and the Turpin High School Band, Cincinnati, OH

        wind ensemble; VARIATIONS ON  C A G E D

            composed with funding from Meet the Composer


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