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  1.  Orbit Mercury   [B]

  2.  Orbit Venus   [C A]

  3.  Orbit Earth   [B A G]

  4.  Orbit Moon   [G E]

  5.  Orbit Mars   [C A G E]

  6.  Orbit Jupiter   [B A G E D]

  7.  Orbit Saturn   [A G E D C]

  8.  Orbit Uranus   [C B A G E D C]

  9.  Orbit Neptune   [C B A G E D C]

  10.  Orbit Kuiper Belt 

Orbit Mars brings together the pitches C, A, G, and E.

1.  Lucy Locket
2.  Miss White Had a Fright
3.  Bobby Shaftoe
4.  Little Tommy Tucker
5.  Wee Willie Winkie
6.  Bye, Baby Bunting
7.  Cobbler, Cobbler, Fix My Shoe
8.  It's Raining, It's Pouring

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